International Council

International Council: Pioneering Disruptive Ed-Tech Solutions for Language Learning and Academic Tutoring

A Revolutionary Approach

At International Council, we blend the richness of human
interaction with the precision of AI technology to redefine language learning. Our platform
is a harmonious fusion of human expertise and artificial intelligence, designed to offer an
unmatched linguistic journey.

Rooted in Expertise

Founded by a seasoned neurolinguist, our platform is the culmination
of three decades of pioneering work in language acquisition. It embodies the best
practices and innovative strategies from the fields of neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics,
and sociolinguistics.

Introducing the Power-Triad: The Future of Learning

Our groundbreaking Power-Triad approach seamlessly integrates the expertise of experienced Human Teachers (HTs), the adaptability of Artificial Intelligence Tutors (AITs), and the efficiency of our AI-driven Learning Management System (LMS). This synergistic combination ensures a comprehensive and personalized learning experience that maximizes engagement, retention, and results.

Mastering Languages, Unlocking Opportunities

We are revolutionizing language learning by combining proven linguistic theories, such as Dr.
Stephen Krashen’s Second Language Acquisition (2LA) hypotheses, with the latest advancements in
neuroscience and AI-powered adaptive learning. Our innovative approach ensures that learners
receive personalized instruction tailored to their unique learning styles, preferences, and goals,
leading to faster progress and long-term success

Empowering Learners, Achieving Academic Excellence

Our disruptive Ed-Tech solutions extend beyond language learning to encompass academic
tutoring across various subjects. By leveraging the power of AI and data-driven insights, we provide
learners with adaptive, personalized support that identifies their strengths, addresses their
weaknesses, and fosters a deep understanding of complex concepts. With International Council,
every student has the opportunity to excel and reach their full academic potential.

International Council

Shaping the Future of Education Worldwide

As the world’s leading provider of disruptive Ed-Tech solutions, International Council is at the
forefront of educational transformation on a global scale. Our innovative approach has been
embraced by learners, educators, and institutions across continents, empowering individuals and
communities with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the 21st century.

Let us get to know you better and assist you on your journey to English mastery! Share your details with us so we can provide personalized information, answer your questions, and offer the support you need. We’re here to help you achieve your language goals and make your experience with us exceptional. Don’t hesitate to reach out today and take the first step towards a brighter future with English as your ally!