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Why ‘International Council’?

In an increasingly interconnected world, the English language has become a bridge that unites people from different cultures, backgrounds, and nations. It is a powerful tool that opens doors to educational, professional, and personal opportunities worldwide. However, for a long time, English teaching has been dominated by a narrative centered on the native speaker, often associated with notions of cultural superiority and the idea that English belongs to certain countries or cultures.

At International Council, we believe it’s time to change that narrative. Our name reflects our commitment to inclusion, diversity, and the idea that English is truly an international language that belongs to all its speakers, regardless of their native language or country of origin.

Over the years, we have seen how some English teaching companies have come to Latin America presenting themselves as the authority on all things English, simply because they originated in an English-speaking country. While we recognize their expertise, we believe that this approach can perpetuate notions of colonization and cultural superiority that no longer have a place in today’s world.

At International Council, we take pride in being a global community of English learners and educators, united by a shared passion for language, communication, and mutual understanding. Our team is composed of professionals from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, allowing us to draw upon a wealth of perspectives and experiences to enrich our programs.

We differentiate ourselves from the traditional “native speaker” narrative by celebrating the unique contributions and innovations that non-native speakers bring to the English language. We believe in the equal ownership of English by all its speakers and strive to create an inclusive and welcoming learning environment that values diversity and respects different cultural contexts.

Our approach to English teaching is learner-centric, focusing on individual needs, goals, and cultural contexts. Through our platform, we bring together learners, educators, and experts from around the world to share knowledge and best practices, fostering a sense of collaboration and collective growth.

Moreover, at International Council, we believe that learning English goes beyond language acquisition. It is an opportunity to develop intercultural competence and global citizenship skills. Our programs promote cross-cultural dialogue, collaboration, and understanding among our learners and partners, preparing them to be leaders and global citizens in an interconnected world.

English is a truly international language that belongs to all those who speak it, study it, and appreciate it. At International Council, we take pride in being part of a movement that promotes inclusion, diversity, and mutual respect in English teaching. We invite you to join our global community and discover the transformative power of learning English in an environment that values your unique identity and connects you with the world.

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