Michael E. Fulford, Founder & CEO:

Michael E. Fulford stands as a vanguard in the realm of neurolinguistics and linguistics, specifically focused on second language acquisition. With an illustrious career that harmoniously marries rigorous academic theory and thirty years of practical fieldwork, Michael’s expertise is both deep and broad. His journey in linguistics has been punctuated with notable milestones, including the creation of the L.E.N.G.U.A approach in 1998. This innovative method, rooted in neurology, psychology, and sociolinguistics, showcases his commitment to developing holistic and effective language learning strategies.

Michael’s impact in the linguistic field stretches across the Western Hemisphere, where he has implemented successful language programs for diverse clientele ranging from educational institutes and private businesses to government entities and high-profile individuals. His approach is a blend of meticulous research and real-world application, aimed at achieving tangible results in language learning.

As the founder and CEO of International Council, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, poised to transform the landscape of language education. His leadership is characterized by a commitment to bridging the gap between theoretical linguistics and practical language acquisition, making language learning accessible and effective for a global audience.

Ivan D. Franco, Managing Partner & CTO:

Ivan D. Franco is a systems engineer specializing in enterprise software architecture, with a formidable expertise in computer security and ethical hacking. Boasting nine years of dynamic experience, Ivan has excelled in leading diverse, multidisciplinary teams on both national and international levels. Known for his high performance and dedication, his expertise in technology, AI, and new technology development positions him as a technological visionary and leader.

In his role as CTO and Managing Partner at International Council, Ivan spearheads the development of an advanced language learning platform. His leadership in integrating AI-driven methodologies is pivotal in ensuring the platform remains at the cutting edge of educational technology.

Together, Michael E. Fulford and Ivan D. Franco form a synergistic leadership team at International Council. Their combined strengths in linguistic insights and technological innovation set a new standard in language education, offering unparalleled learning experiences and cementing International Council’s position as a leader in the field.

Raul Rojas

Hello, I’m Raul Rojas, a teacher at International Council. With a background in English and business administration, I offer a unique perspective as an English language teacher. I graduated from High School in the US and completed three semesters of business administration in Florida. With years of teaching experience, I specialize in interactive methodologies that engage students of all ages and proficiency levels. I am passionate about teaching and helping students learn English, empowering them to communicate effectively in the global community. Outside of teaching, I enjoy traveling and exploring different cultures. Join my classes at International Council, and together we will embark on an exciting language learning journey. Let’s achieve your goals and become confident English speakers.